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“A PR representative wrote this guaranteed”

Danica Patrick blasts Martin Truex Jr. for "cold" and "insensitive" statement about his former partner

Danica Patrick was not happy with Martin Truex Jr.’s statement regarding his former partner Sherry Pollex after her death.

Pollex died aged 44 on September 17 after a long battle with ovarian cancer since 2014. Although the pair broke up in January, Pollex and Truex Jr. were together for 18 years. After her death, Truex Jr. posted a statement of condolences.

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However, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick found the statement to be insensitive and even claimed that Truex Jr. didn’t even write the statement.

“I avoid negativity on social at almost all costs. Almost… But this is the most insensitive disconnected statement from a guy that I have never liked. And obviously for good reason,” Patrick stated. “I don’t care what happened between them but this is as cold as it gets. A PR representative wrote this guaranteed. You’re free from this now sherry.”

However, Patrick removed this Instagram post. She was responding to the following Truex Jr.’s statement.

“From the very minute of her diagnosis, Sherry was determined to not only fight ovarian cancer with everything she had, but also make a difference in the lives of others battling this terrible disease.

“Sherry’s passion for making a difference in the lives of others was inspiring to everyone. Through her tireless charity works for so many years, her legacy will live well beyond our lifetimes and continue to help countless families who are battling ovarian and childhood cancer.

“I would like to express my deepest condolences to her entire family, who have shown incredible strength and resilience throughout her battle.”

However, this was not the only post Patrick published regarding Pollex.

“This is so sad. She helped so many and gave so much. After I left NASCAR, we touched base here and there and I loved her curiosity for the deeper layers of this human experience. I hope she is in one of those layers that is perfect, pure, peaceful, and whole,” Patrick wrote.

Truex Jr. is yet to respond to Patrick’s claims.

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