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Limited Release: adidas MC87 4D Golf Shoes

One brand that never fails to innovate within the shoe space is adidas.

Take, for example, 4D. Introduced in 2017 and later receiving a whole mainstream release, adidas 4D technology is objectively one of the bigger innovations in footwear in the last decade.

Once reserved for running and training shoes, 4D has made its way to a golf shoe. What the heck is 4D and why should I care if it’s on my golf shoe?

That’s why I’m here. Let’s take a deeper dive into this brand new model (and technology) courtesy of the Brand with Three Stripes.

Release Details

  • Available starting Sept. 21 at adidas.
  • 4D midsole cushioning
  • Built on gender-neutral last
  • Spikeless outsole
  • Removeable Kiltie

Foreword to 4D

Adidas MC87 4D golf shoes

Admittedly, adidas 4D technology is much more intricate than I can understand. But there are a few key points you need to know about adidas 4D. It is, after all, a heck of a technological advancement, in my opinion.

Adidas 4D is essentially a 3D-printed midsole. A deeper dive reveals the actual midsole printing process is done using light and oxygen in what’s called Digital Light Synthesis. The biggest advantage of this new manufacturing process is the ability to create delicate and intricate lattices, the basis for adidas 4D midsole design.

Why should you care? As someone who’s tried the technology firsthand, I can say it’s very lightweight and exceptionally comfortable. The goal of the overall lattice design is to provide maximum energy return. Using Digital Light Synthesis allowed adidas to fine-tune this pattern to absorb pressure at every angle and return that energy back into your step, so to speak.

About the MC87 4D

The real technology story is the 4D. As mentioned, this is the first time adidas has ever featured 4D in a golf shoe. They’ve paired that 4D midsole with a blast from the past: an upper inspired by the adidas Tiverton shoe (circa 1987). Call that a paradox!

The slick, water-resistant leather upper has a classic wingtip design. The spikeless outsole features the same tooling as the adidas Ultraboost Golf, one of my personal favorites.

All of this is to say, adidas has pulled from its archives and its technology triumphs to bring the new MC87 4D to life.


closeup of the 4d midsole

Major props to adidas for pushing the needle here. Again and again, the Brand with Three Stripes shows their willingness to try something new. Does it always work? You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. As for my thoughts, I’m already a huge fan of this shoe. While I’ll wait to get it in person to pass further judgement, for my money the adidas MC87 4D is the coolest thing I’ve seen in shoes this year and could be a strong contender for the next round of best golf shoes testing.

adidas MC87 4D Golf Shoes: Release Details

  • Available starting Sept. 21 at adidas.
  • 4D midsole cushioning
  • Built on gender-neutral last
  • Spikeless outsole
  • Removeable Kiltie


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