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Ancelotti’s Calm Before the Storm: Real Madrid Ready for Dortmund Challenge

Early today in the Spanish capital, Real Madrid’s Valdebebas training complex was buzzing. Carlo Ancelotti dealt with journalism one last time before Los Blancos start their journey to London for the Champions League Final versus Borussia Dortmund on June 1st. It’s a familiar phase for Madrid, however the air was thick with the weight of expectation and the echoes of previous splendors.

Ancelotti, ever the calm master, struck a balance in between regard for the challenger and self-confidence in his team. “Dortmund are a team that is good in transition, they have a mix of youth and experience. Against PSG I was surprised by their attitude and their fight to reach this final. That is what worries us the most,” he mentioned.

Real Madrid’s roadway to the last has actually been paved with strength, private sparkle, an collective defensive battle — a journey marked by tactical resourcefulness, however most significantly, on-the-fly game-management. Ancelotti highlighted the significance of this mix being essential versus a group that can do more than something at a high level: “Dortmund are a formidable team in transitions. They have a very compact defensive block. I’m not saying they’re similar to us… but they do all the different facets well. It’s going to be a competitive and hard-fought match. The one who does all these different things the best is going to win.”

The story of this season has actually likewise had to do with the consistency in between the young skill and ‘old guard’. Veterans like Kroos and Modric continue to be the pillars of experience, while the more youthful skills are starting to make their mark. “The veterans in the team are the example,” Ancelotti discussed. “It’s a generation of commitment and positive attitude and the veterans have contributed and continue to contribute to this. There are young people who are beginning to take more responsibilities and the club is doing well to manage the transition, because the players who have come have understood what Real Madrid is,”

A poignant minute in journalism conference came when Ancelotti discussed Toni Kroos, the midfield master who will put on the white jersey for the last time. Will his tradition modification based upon the outcome versus Dortmund?

“It’ll be Kroos’s last game, and I hope he can end his career in Madrid with a Champions League,” Ancelotti stated. “On an individual level he deserves it, but Kroos’ career does not change with another Champions League. He has already contributed. He has entered the history of Madrid and will not enter another club after this. Finishing with the Champions League would be the best, but Kroos is already in the history of football.”

Amidst the tactical conversations and psychological reflections, Ancelotti likewise discussed the functionalities of group choice and preparation. The reference of Arda Güler brought a smile to the supervisor’s face. “Arda Güler playing in the final? Obviously he can be very useful during the game, because he has a scoring streak. He has 100% success rate and he is an option that we have,” he kept in mind, however, in spite of the words, it’s not likely that the young Turk will include.

In the background of these conversations was the ever-present style of unity and environment. Ancelotti, with his normal mix of knowledge and heat, stressed the value of an unified dressing space. “I am not a psychologist, but I have experience,” the Italian stated. “As I said, the personal relationship is the most important thing. Not only talking about technique and tactics, but also about personal issues. We need a good atmosphere to have a good group.” This viewpoint has actually been main to Ancelotti’s success, cultivating a sense of household within the team that frequently equates to magic on the pitch.


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