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Andre Iguodala: ‘If Dillon Brooks wasn’t crazy, he wouldn’t be in the NBA’

Jordi Fernandez, however, had nothing but good words about the player. “[He’s] excellent. He is nothing more than a normal person who comes in and is very professional,” the coach said. “He takes good care of himself [and does] all the work to be 100% ready to play. His work in the gym, the things he does on his own – he is a superb professional.” “Inside the locker room, he connects with his teammates, everyone respects him. He is like the rest of the group, he is nothing out of this world. He is one of the best competitors I have ever seen, and on the entire court, not only defensively, where he has superpowers, but he’s shown offensively that he can not only score but also be efficient with the quality of the shots,” Fernandez explained. -via BasketNews / September 13, 2023


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