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Away Attendances at the Weekend – 12th February 2024

We have actually had a look at all of Away Attendances at the Weekend and noted which matches saw the greatest taking a trip assistance.

It was a hectic couple of days with English Football League and non league sides in action, with great deals of away advocates participating in components up and down the nation.

Fans of Championship, League One, League Two and National League member clubs are making their method through the gates with the season mid-way through.

You can discover the numbers and which was greatest away following by clicking the buttons listed below: –



Stronger penalties have actually been generated for fan behaviour and crowd difficulty at English football matches for the season.

Pitch intruders at Premier League and EFL matches will get an automated club restriction under brand-new procedures to deal with fan behaviour.

Concerns have actually been raised about security at premises after a variety of pitch intrusions at the end of last season.

Individuals who have or utilize pyrotechnics or smoke bombs will likewise be prohibited and recognized transgressors will be reported to the authorities.

The Football Association will likewise execute harder sanctions for clubs.

It is an offense for fans to get in the pitch “without lawful authority or lawful excuse” under the Football Offences Act 1991 – however transgressors haven’t constantly been prosecuted.

However, prosecuting transgressors will now be the “default response” under the brand-new procedures.


The FA, Premier League and EFL are together presenting brand-new procedures and more powerful sanctions throughout the video game to deal with the increased anti-social and criminal behaviours just recently seen within football premises and highlight the significance of a safe matchday environment.

The brand-new set of actions, which will be carried out throughout all English football leagues from the start of Season 2022/23 and backed by the Football Supporters’ Association, will target activity such as going into the pitch without authorization, bring or utilizing smoke bombs or pyrotechnics and tossing items – along with substance abuse and prejudiced behaviour.

These acts threaten, unlawful and have extreme repercussions. They have no location in football, or anywhere.

From the start of the season, all recognized transgressors will be reported by clubs to the authorities and prosecution might lead to a long-term rap sheet, which might impact their work and education, and might lead to a jail sentence. The FA will likewise be imposing a harder charging and approving policy for clubs, which will enhance these procedures.

Furthermore, anybody who gets in the pitch and those recognized bring or utilizing pyrotechnics or smoke bombs will now get an automated club restriction. These restrictions might likewise be reached accompanying moms and dads or guardians of kids who participate in these activities.

The security of everybody participating in a matchday is the video game’s cumulative concern. We understand the behaviours performed by some fans last season do not represent most of advocates and they run the risk of destroying the great experience of a football match for everybody. Therefore, we are dealing with clubs to highlight the essential function that fans, clubs, gamers and coaches all need to play in assisting to develop a safe environment.

Our strong and cumulative technique shows how seriously all of us see this problem and the intensity of the dangers. Nobody ought to be frightened or attacked in their work environment. The pitch should stay safe for gamers, supervisors and match authorities, simply as the stands ought to be for advocates.

To additional assistance this action, the FA, Premier League and EFL are dealing with police, the UK Football Policing Unit (UKFPU), and the Crown Prosecution Service to develop a brand-new concept for cases associating with pyrotechnics and smoke bombs, along with going into the pitch without authorization. This will suggest complying to attain a prosecution in these cases will end up being the default action of the football authorities and criminal justice system, sending out a clear and unambiguous message to all who break the law.

Other determines to be carried out consist of dealing with clubs to boost search programs and increased usage of sniffer canines at premises. We will likewise be operating in collaboration with our clubs, gamers and supervisors, the Government, broadcasters, the authorities and social networks platforms in looking for to prevent the additional development or approval of these behaviours throughout English football. This consists of dealing with social networks platforms to develop brand-new methods of quicker elimination of fan-generated videos of unlawful behaviour at football matches, consisting of violent offenses and pitch intrusions. It likewise consists of asking the Government to reform policies to limit the supply of pyrotechnics and smoke bombs.

FA Chief Executive Mark Bullingham stated: “We all know about the fantastic and unique role that football can play in bringing communities together. However, the rise in anti-social behaviour that we saw in stadiums at the end of last season was entirely unacceptable and put people’s safety at risk. Together, English football has introduced new measures and stronger sanctions, for the start of the coming season, to send out a clear message that we will not tolerate this type of illegal and dangerous behaviour. Football stadiums must be a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for all, and it is the responsibility of everyone in the game, including governing bodies, clubs, players, coaches, and fans, to ensure that we all play our part in protecting our game and each other.”

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters stated: “Everyone should feel safe and able to enjoy a football match. Together, with clubs and partners across football, we are making clear the type of incidents we saw last season must stop. If we don’t take collective and sustained action, it may only be a matter of time before someone is seriously injured, or worse. These new measures are a strong response to a significant increase in fan behaviour issues, but we know it is the minority who have behaved unacceptably and unlawfully. Premier League football should be a fantastic experience for everyone and we don’t want matches to be marred by these sorts of events in the future.”

EFL Chief Executive Trevor Birch stated: “This season sees new measures introduced and sanctions implemented that will serve to remind everyone attending games – but particularly the minority of people behaving in an offensive manner – that there are real life consequences for the criminal, dangerous and irresponsible conduct at football. It is wholly appropriate that these unacceptable behaviours will now be dealt with through a combination of police action and automatic club bans. There is nothing like going to watch your team live and that is why the English professional game has taken strong collective action, to ensure the match day experience remains a safe and welcoming environment for all including fans, players, club staff and match officials.”

Football Supporters’ Association Chief Executive Kevin Miles stated: “We are contacted by supporters on a fairly regular basis who have been caught jumping on the pitch, or with pyro in the stands, and without exception they regret doing it. Whether they had positive intentions or not is irrelevant in the eyes of the law – pyro and pitch incursions are illegal, you will be prosecuted and you will be banned by your club.”

To support this brand-new plan of policies and actions, today marks the launch of an all-football project. ‘Love football. Protect the game’ will explain the repercussions of, and sanctions for, unlawful and unsafe behaviour as we look for to advise fans to assist us safeguard the video game and keep everybody safe.

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