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Boxing Insider promotions’ results: KoBe williams, dwyke flemmings, and Pryce Taylor All Emerge Victorious In Atlantic CIty

Kobe Williams made his ring launching Saturday night at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Atlantic City as he handled the 1-2 light-weight Kevin Hicks in a set up 4 rounder. Williams looked sharp in the very first, stalking his man and landing tough with his southpaw jab. He resumed the attack in the 2nd, concluding things perfectly with a thunderous left to the body which triggered the battle to be stopped.

Next up, the 6-0 Dwyke Flemmings fought the 3-4 Jonathan Hampton in a very welterweight battle set up for 6 rounds. Flemmings came out assaulting at the bell. He continued the attack in the 2nd. By the 3rd, things merely got excessive for Hampton, and the battle needed to be come by the referee.

Afterward, increasing 6-0 heavyweight Pryce Taylor put his unbeaten record on the line when he handled the 2-1 Lawrence King in a set up 4 rounder. Round one saw Taylor stalk his man, though absolutely nothing severe was landed. Things stayed rather sluggish in the 2nd. Taylor worked to break King down in the 3rd. He continued doing the exact same in the 4th. In completion, though he didn’t stop his challenger early, Taylor still got the success thanks to the ringside judges.


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