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Carmelo Anthony on Oklahoma City Thunder: ‘The the best ran organization’

Carmelo Anthony: And Sam comprehended that.  And he dealt with us, and he provided us our own marks.  Hey Melo, here’s you’re mark.  Russ, we require you to do this, boom. In order for us to be effective, PG, here’s your mark. Steven Adams, here’s your mark, Jerami Grant, Ray Felton, he had his mark. These are marks that we needed to strike and we needed to strike, and if we weren’t striking the marks then we understood we weren’t doing our finest. And if we didn’t strike our marks, Billy Donovan wasn’t coming talking with us, it was Sam. When he did that, I had actually a brand-new discovered regard for Sam Presti on business side, and to this day, Sam is tricky cool.  He has no ill objectives with any of this.  He truly appreciates what is finest for the gamer, and he truly cares what the fuck is going on. I truly want more GMs and presidents had that kind of energy when running a company. -through Spotify / February 13, 2024


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