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Chiefs Injuries: Eagles’ Jason provides update on Travis Kelce’s knee

On Tuesday, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid announced that superstar tight end Travis Kelce left practice with a hyperextended knee.

Travis’ brother (and podcast partner), Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro center Jason Kelce, provided an update on his brother’s knee on the “WIP Morning Show” in Philadelphia.

“I talked to him yesterday, and I’ve done the same thing,” said Jason. “You just plant — or you know — or you do something, and your knee hyperextends. I mean, if I’m being truthful, the last time I did this, I was making a bonfire outside. I thought I was strong enough to kick a piece of wood in half, and I hyperextended my knee and did the same thing: bone bruise.”

Jason did not miss any playing time due to his bonfire-based mistake.

“No, no it was in the middle of a season and my knee did swell up and I was like, man, that was the dumbest thing I’ve done in a long time,” said Jason. “Trav, this was out on the field. I know he’s got some swelling going on. But it sounds like as long as they can get that down he’s gonna have a chance to go. The ligaments and everything are intact structurally from what we know, right now.

“His knee is fine. So, really it’s about getting that swelling down and seeing how bruised that bone is because you know if you guys ever had those, the can be pretty painful. Especially, if it’s in a spot that’s rubbing all the time. The can kind of shut down your muscles and do other things. But I think he’s gonna be good to go. I really do.”

The bottom line

It sounds like Jason thinks Travis’ injury will be mostly about pain management and reduction of swelling. Arrowhead Pride’s Dakota Watson provided an in-depth look at the diagnosis of a hyperextended knee and what recovery looks like here.

Travis sounds like he will be OK in the long term. The Chiefs are close to 24 hours away from kicking off the NFL season in Arrowhead against the Detroit Lions.

That is a short timeline for recovery, and it remains to be seen if he plays on Thursday night.


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