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Concerning Report on Heat-Blazers Damian Lillard Trade Talks Comes to Light

Sometimes the worst news really is no news at all. The Damian Lillard trade saga involving the Heat and Trail Blazers appears to be proving that statement true, at least based on the latest chatter surrounding the topic.

Following Lillard’s trade request and push to land in Miami with Jimmy ButlerBam Adebayo and company, there hasn’t been much in the way of positive momentum, at least publicly. During a recent episode of The Lowe Post podcast with ESPN’s Zach Lowe and Bobby Marks, they drove that fact home in a pretty big way.

Lowe discussed the latest he’s heard on the Lillard topic, while Marks gave an even more grim outlook on what may need to happen for trade talks to start moving, per Heat Nation.

“I’ve heard there’s been nothing,” Lowe said. “I mean no meaningful dialogue at all. And more pointedly – I know Brian Windhorst said something about this while I was on break – I just don’t think there’s been another team. If there is, I don’t know about it.”

Erik Williams/USA TODAY Sports

This comes on the heels of ESPN’s Brian Windhorst telling Sportal’s Christos Tsaltas that the two sides are “not having any discussions right now.”

The comments from Marks on The Lowe Post echoed similar sentiments. He stated the belief that in order for there to be more chatter around Lillard’s potential trade, the guard would need to make things “messy,” which Marks doesn’t believe he’ll do currently.

“I think the only way we hear more about Dame is if Dame makes it messy .. And I don’t think Damian Lillard, right now, is willing to make it messy in Portland,” Marks stated.

Whether this proves to be the case is something fans will likely have a better idea on as training camp draws near. If a deal isn’t done by that point, it’s anyone’s guess as to how things will play out with the start of the 2023-24 NBA season drawing near.


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