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Dallas Cowboys QB breakdown: Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, Trey Lance

Dallas Cowboys QB breakdown: Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, Trey Lance

When it pertains to the quarterback position the Dallas Cowboys have 3 really various alternatives at their disposal. Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush and Trey Lance are all at differing points in their particular professions (more on that in a minute) and it goes without stating that there is a lots of intrigue associated to how the Cowboys are going to approach the long-lasting future of the position and the participation of Prescott and/or Lance.

In the lead-up to training school we’ll be having a look at each position group on the Cowboys in some information (there will likewise be video variations of these published on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel, you’ll see this one a bit down listed below).

Given that it is the most crucial position in the video game we are getting the celebration began with quarterback.

Here we go (no pun planned).

Dak Prescott

He might be among the more dissentious gamers who has actually ever bet the group, however Dak Prescott is absolutely the beginning quarterback for the Cowboys getting in the 2024 season.

This year will mark the ninth that Prescott serves under center for the group although the 8th that he goes into as the apparent starter provided all of the information related to his novice project. You will remember that his predecessor went into 10 overall seasons in such a capability as Tony Romo entered into training school as QB1 for the group from 2007-2016. Time flies.

There is a high level of polarization surrounding Prescott amongst more than simply basic football fans. Like Romo before him, Prescott has an extraordinary capability to divide the fan base with viewpoints about whether he is the appropriate individual matched for leading the soldiers into fight. Heavy is the head that uses the crown of quarterback for America’s Team.

While there are a variety of things individuals disagree on as it associates with Dak it feels quite generally comprehended that he is coming off of his finest season to date, where he ended up second in MVP ballot.

Obviously the season ended in devastating style for the Cowboys however Prescott was among the more popular factors for success throughout the trip to the end. Regression to the mean recommends that he will dip statistically (410/590 for 4,516 backyards and a career-high 36 goals) however he does appear to be in the sweet area of a quarterback’s profession where his understanding of the video game sets well with his physical capabilities.

What’s more is that while even his most extreme critics can acknowledge that Dak did undoubtedly accomplish the numbers that he did, it appears like we as a whole do not provide enough due to the offending play-caller in Mike McCarthy. When the offense, Prescott consisted of, experienced highs from 2019 through 2022 in various offending metrics and measurements numerous individuals fasted to toss flowers at Kellen Moore’s feet. The point is not that we need to arrange a parade in Mike McCarthy’s honor, however the man was cooking with gas throughout the majority of the football that we saw from this lot. Again, the playoffs clearly left a sour taste in our mouth.

Ultimately the Cowboys have among the much better quarterbacks in the NFL in Dak Prescott according to the information. Narratives related to this group and for that reason Prescott himself (much of which he is accountable for also) can obstruct individuals from assessing him relatively and appropriately unlike much of his peers. Once once again, heavy is the head.

But having somebody like Prescott under center provides the Cowboys a battling possibility which deserves a lot in the contemporary NFL.

Cooper Rush

In discussing Dak Prescott we referenced Kellen Moore (now the Philadelphia Eagles offending planner in case you forgot) however you actually cannot inform the complete and overall story of Moore the NFL coach without our next gamer. Cooper Rush pressed him into that occupation.

During his very first stint with the Cowboys (he was launched and later on revived) Rush took the group by storm with an all-time preseason efficiency as a novice undrafted totally free representative in 2017. Moore held on throughout that season (up until Dallas required a lineup area for Blake Jarwin) however eventually was pressed out of things since Dallas discovered their potential backup in Rush. Funny how fate works.

Rush was dismissed and later on returned and thank goodness he did. Cooper began an only video game in 2021 when Prescott missed out on a see to the Minnesota Vikings and carried out very well. He even tossed the game-winning goal to Amari Cooper.

But Rush’s actual time to shine took place a season later on after Prescott injured his thumb in the season opener. With Cooper under center the Cowboys went 4-1 and kept themselves in the playoff hunt, eventually making the top Wild Card in the conference. Needless to state there are lots of less-equipped backup quarterbacks to hand the baton to in an emergency situation.

Recently the folks over at Pro Football Network ranked all of the backups in the NFL and had Cooper beyond the leading half.

18) Cooper Rush, Dallas Cowboys

Cooper Rush went 4-1 after easing Dak Prescott as the Cowboys’ starter in 2021, putting the ball in the hands of Dallas’ playmakers and letting them get to work. Rush constantly looks made up when asked to go into a video game in location of Prescott and led a number of return triumphes throughout his five-game run 3 years back.

The times included there are not precise, however even still pressing Rush this far down appears a bit severe. His experience, particularly with this group and offense and backup to the starter ahead of him particularly, is quite important which is why he has actually spent time this long.

Rush has actually done his finest when the assistance around him, consisting of the training, has actually been at its greatest, and provided the situations with this group at the minute, it stands to factor that he might increase to another obstacle if he was contacted us to.

But will he get the possibility because theoretical? Probably not. And that has absolutely nothing to do with him particularly.

We will be dropping videos breaking down position groups on the Dallas Cowboys lineup every Tuesday and Thursday for the next couple of weeks as we get closer and closer to training school. Make sure to register for the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel (which you can do right here) so you do not miss out on any of them.

Trey Lance

Hazarding a guess at the Cowboys depth chart today, Trey Lance is at QB3. But the depth chart does disappoint that the group traded a fourth-round choice for him a year ago or that they do not have a quarterback under agreement for next season and those things matter a good deal.

The concept of Lance as QB1 of this group in 2025 need to they proceed from Prescott appears improbable, however provided the scenario as it lies it cannot be dismissed. It is for this factor that Lance appears ensured not just a lineup area, however a huge quantity of time to validate it both throughout training school and the preseason.

It is not a good idea to check out into anything this time of year and even as soon as we get to Oxnard activity, however it is significant that when Deuce Vaughn discussed seeing work out of the slot, he discussed getting an understanding of what Prescott and Rush desire and like. There was no reference of Lance because quote. Again, don’t check out excessive into things like that.

“It was one of those things that we had kind of talked about at the end of the season last year. Talking with Schotty… just a little bit about getting with that slot. Getting with a Brandin Cooks. Getting with a guy that plays out there. And just learning a little bit more about it. Because it’s one of the things I did in college and love to do. Just adds another value. Getting into this OTA season it’s perfect to go out here and learn with these guys and be on the field with Dak. Understand what he’s thinking. Understand what Coop’s thinking. Understand what these guys are doing.”

Every year when we assemble our lineup forecasts, we question where the Cowboys are going to need to go light so that they can go heavy elsewhere. Quarterback utilized to be an area to keep in mind that bring 3 might be unneeded, however with the manner in which groups can have an emergency situation 3rd one dressed on video game days without counting towards the real active video game day lineup, a few of that inspiration had actually wind secured of its sails. The point is that bring 3 appears reasonably typical in our existing landscape.

Because of that it appears not likely that Lance will press Cooper Rush off of this group, however you can make the presumption that the folks basing on top of the tower in between Oxnard’s 2 practice fields will be hoping like insane that he leapfrogs him with relative ease on the depth chart. This might just be Lance’s very first journey to Oxnard considered that Dallas traded for him at the end of the preseason in 2015, however it is his 4th total season in the NFL. The time is now. He requires to take it.


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