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David Griffin: Zion Williamson has been in the gym more than he has in his entire career

Drew Brees on his thoughts on the New Orleans Pelicans and who he enjoys watching on that team: “I think that they’re a team that a couple years ago during my last year and that’s when we drafted Zion [Williamson] and we drafted Jackson Hayes, right? I think there was a ton of excitement around the team. I feel like we’re in no shortage of this young talent, right? But it’s a matter of putting it all together. [Brandon] Ingram has proven to be an UNBELIEVABLE scorer and I think whenever you build a team, it’s a combination of veteran leadership along with young productive guys that can continue to grow and develop and they gotta stay healthy though, you know? I always feel that we’ve been always fighting the injury bug in the last few years so, we gotta find a way to stay healthy and get our way into the playoffs and start ascending once we get there.” -via YouTube / September 6, 2023


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