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Dodgers News: Max Muncy Tiptoes Around Question About Clayton Kershaw’s Future

With the Dodgers now about a week eliminated from another early postseason exit, the concerns about what occurred are starting to pave the way to what follows for LA. It’s hard to sit and take a look at a 100-win ballclub and seem like there’s a lot incorrect with this group. But, as completion of the routine season gets even more in the rearview mirror, discovering the problems ends up being simpler.

Pitching. Offensive frame of mind. Some lineup building.

All of that things we’ll continue to go into over the coming weeks, however for today, we’re concentrating on 2 things. The 2024 season and where Clayton Kershaw suits it for the Los Angeles Dodgers. LA Third baseman Max Muncy was asked his ideas about Kersh and if he possibly understood anything about his believing this offseason. To his credit, if Muncy understood anything, he wasn’t informing the guys on Foul Territory Live.

Max treaded gently when reacting, tiptoeing around the concern to the very best of his capability.

“Yeah, it’s tough for me to speak on [Kershaw’s plan]. I’ll say this, if he feels like he can still go out there and compete, he’s probably going to compete. If he feels like he can’t get it done then that might be it. I don’t know where he’s feeling. I definitely feel like he can still get it done and I know that there’s a lot of people out there that can still get it done. But that’s obviously his decision to make.”

Via Foul Territory Show on YouTube

Pure speculation with this believed here, however it definitely appeared like Muncy had more of a concept than he led on. Kershaw and Muncy have actually been colleagues on the Dodgers now for 7 seasons and have actually combated sufficient fights together to have a feel for one another’s thinking.

Certainly, if Kershaw was going to retire, his colleagues would be the very first to understand. And Muncy would be wise adequate and professional adequate to hold that choice near to the vest. Adding more speculation for the enjoyable of it, there was a minute in Kershaw’s post-Game 3 interview where it looked like he possibly may have shared some info with press reporters before reverting back to “not sure” on repeat.

By conventional numbers, Kershaw was still getting it done as he constantly does after returning from a long hiatus on the hurt list this season. But the innovative statistics were far less kind to the ace. So, yes, Clayton can still contend, as Muncy put it. But will he wish to do it with substantially lessened things?

The future Hall of Famer has actually constantly preserved that he’d rather head out a little too early than spend time too long in this video game. Depending on the state of his shoulder, Clayton may have another season in the tank — possibly 2 more if he’s digging deep. Three if he’s fortunate. But the mileage and innings have actually relatively reached him at age 35.

Maybe Clayton Kershaw Should Move on From LA?

One concern I question for Kershaw after another early postseason exit is, would he even wish to return to LA for another attempt? After last October’s NLDS exit, it seemed like there was incomplete organization for this group. After this one, it seems like there’s a requirement for more modification.

On Wednesday afternoon, Andrew Friedman and Brandon Gomes will be offered to regional media where we’re particular to get back at more concerns on Clayton and his future with the company.

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-U.S.A. TODAY Sports


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