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Dodgers’ Yoshinobu Yamamoto Not Worried About Pitch-Tipping as Regular Season Nears

In his very first Cactus League start, Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s grips showed up on the center field electronic camera. Astute audiences viewing the SportsNet LA broadcast might call out each pitch before Yamamoto provided it.

So might previous Dodgers outfielder and present color expert Rick Monday, who was choosing each pitch as Yamamoto readied on the rubber.

Teams cannot utilize the center-field electronic camera view throughout video games, however that wouldn’t stop a runner on 2nd base from attempting to slip a peek if Yamamoto’s grip is similarly noticeable out of the stretch.

Pitching coach Mark Prior informed Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register that pitch-tipping is something coaches continuously attempt to detect.

“There’s always different things that you’re looking for. What can hitters actually see? What can hitters actually react to in time? Do you need a runner on second base?

“There’s different variations of tipping. Sometimes it’s glove. Sometimes it’s tempo. Sometimes it’s a guy sticking his tongue out. So there’s all different types of things. At the end of the day, you’re trying to figure out what is actually actionable for a hitter to act on in real time.”

— Mark Prior through O.C. Register

While Prior and the coaches will assist Yamamoto get used to this element of Major League Baseball, the pitcher himself isn’t too anxious about it.

“It’s not really a big concern for me at this point. As it gets closer to the season, I’ll fix it and talk to the coaches.

“It was the same in Japan. When the season starts, I’ll make those adjustments.”

— Yoshinobu Yamamoto through O.C. Register

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-U.S.A. TODAY Sports

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