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Effectively Wild Episode 2062: Competing Padres Postmortems


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the five-year anniversary of a Twitter wager about Adalberto Mondesi and Shohei Ohtani, then compare and contrast two in-depth articles about the problems supposedly plaguing the Padres and discuss how convincing they find those reports’ explanations for the team’s disappointing season (plus additional banter about the possible reasons for recently successful former Padre Mike Clevinger going unclaimed on waivers, and a few follow-ups).

Audio intro: Josh Busman, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio outro: Nate Emerson, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to Bill James tweet
Link to Union-Tribune on the Padres
Link to The Athletic on the Padres
Link to Rob Mains on the Padres
Link to Ginny Searle on the Padres
Link to Pythag record wiki
Link to story on Machado’s elbow
Link to FG hitting clutch
Link to FG pitching clutch
Link to Ben’s RISP prediction episode
Link to RISP through 5/25
Link to RISP since 5/25
Link to info on Padres in extras
Link to Soto quote
Link to Soto follow-up quote
Link to BaseRuns records
Link to article on Anthony Young
Link to payroll-record correlation info
Link to pitcher WAR since 7/29
Link to MLBTR on Clevinger
Link to Clevinger/Smith kerfuffle
Link to statement on Ohtani
Link to Ohtani’s insta post
Link to tweet about Ohtani
Link to first Moyer statement
Link to second Moyer statement
Link to article on Gas Plant District

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