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Ex-Barcelona forward Bojan Krkić goes undercover as a street footballer

Ex-FC Barcelona forward Bojan Krkić was featured in a viral video recently, posing as a cameraman who was “unexpectedly” subbed into a street football match.

The video by Shoot for Love features a presenter pretending to be filming a documentary in Spain about street football for the Korean version of Netflix.

He pretends to get injured, supposedly forcing a random cameraman to sub in. Of course, this cameraman is actually Bojan wearing a mask.

After showing off some of his skills, the forward takes the mask off and is recognized by the other players.

Here is the video:

Bojan was at some point considered to have the potential to be one of the best players in the world. However, he struggled with the weight of those expectations. Still, he enjoyed a fruitful career with Barcelona, AS Roma, AC Milan, Ajax, and Stoke City, among others.

The forward gave a short talk to the players after the reveal, talking about what it’s like to define success for yourself.

“As a child, you dream of playing in the first division. If you don’t make it, it seems like you have failed. For me, what I admire about you guys is that you have this strength and self esteem to say, ‘I love this sport.’ And for me that’s success, right? Being able to always get new challenges, and overcome these challenges.”


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