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From 900 Euros in the Bank to Round 2 of the Australian Open, India’s Sumit Nagal is Living in the Present in Melbourne

By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Tuesday January 16, 2024

What a distinction a year makes. Last September, India’s Sumit Nagal admitted that he began the year with about 900 Euros in his checking account. Not almost enough to take a trip the world as part of the ATP Tour, with a coach and all the other expensive expenditures to pay, it wouldn’t suffice to enable the then 25-year-old to continue his profession.

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Hearing or the news, big-time sponsors, such as Gatorade and the Delhi Lawn Tennis Association, actioned in and assisted Nagal keep grinding. Now, here he is, into the 2nd round of the Australian Open after an upset of No.31-seeded Alexander Bublik (6-4, 6-2, 7-6(5)).

On the strength of his run through certifying and his first-round win, Nagal is $180,000 richer. He’s likewise made history for his nation. On Tuesday Nagal ended up being the very first Indian gamer to beat a seed at a significant in songs because 1989.

“It’s been emotional,” he informed press reporters after the match. “I’ve worked very hard with my team, and I’m very proud of myself to be able to handle the things that I’m going through and be able to perform the way I want to perform.”

Nagal, who now has 9 profession tour-level wins to his name, will deal with China’s Shang Juncheng in an all-qualifier fight in round 2.

Nagal states that he wishes to do his finest to alter Indian tennis for the much better, so that more youths will have the opportunity to pursue a profession in the sport. But for the minute, he is strongly concentrating on today, and taking pleasure in a great reprieve from the problems – monetary and otherwise – of the trip.

“You have to kind of enjoy this,” he stated. “It doesn’t stay forever. You never know in tennis what happens next where you can go to a tournament and not even be able to put two balls in, and thank you very much. The tournament is over. So it changes very quickly.

“That’s what my coach says: You have to enjoy the moment, live in the present.”


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