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Gilbert Arenas Can’t Believe How Much Hakeem Olajuwon Charges For Workouts

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas ripped Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon for the cost of his basketball workouts with current NBA players.

Olajuwon reportedly charges NBA players $50,000 for private workout sessions, which is something that Arenas just could not get past.

“Nobody wants the Hakeem Olajuwon sky hook,” Arenas said on his Gil’s Arena podcast earlier this week. “Nobody wants none of that s–t. …You should be ashamed of yourself, charging these young whippersnappers $50,000. When you came in the league in 1984, you wasn’t even making $50,000 a game. You’re trying to make your month back through the youth! Do not charge these boys 50 f—–g grand for that bull—-. He ain’t been good since the ’90s. That means all the moves from the 2000s, he don’t know. 2010s, he don’t know. 2020s, he don’t know. Who the f— you gonna do the moves on? Wembanyama?”

Arenas just couldn’t get past the cost. Between Olajuwon’s dated skillset and the exorbitant amount of money the players around the league would have to pay today for a private workout, it’s clear that Arena does not think the cost is worth it to learn from the Hall of Fame big man.


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