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Giveaway announcement for Pride of Detroit Direct subscribers

Last week, I told you about our newest project – Pride of Detroit Direct, a newsletter from me and others covering all things Lions. This past week we covered the Lions expectations this season and the schematic change they’ve made that gives them a shot against Patrick Mahomes. I’ve enjoyed hearing from many of you directly in my inbox.

The Lions are getting ready for their biggest season in decades and we’re excited to offer this new way of connecting with our readers. Subscribers will find my thoughts on the Lions season week-to-week, in-depth analysis, exclusive Q&As and even videos of me looking ahead to or recapping the games.

We want to keep rolling out new additions to the newsletter through the season. Today, as a thank you to everyone who has subscribed, I want to announce that we’ll be giving away five Lions t-shirts from Questionable Teez – five subscribers will be picked at random. If you’ve already signed up or if you sign up before kickoff of the season opener, you’ll be entered to win.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Pride of Detroit Direct so far! You can find the details here if you want to learn more and sign up for a 7-day free trial.


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