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Harry Kane will move to Grünwald while his family remains in England

Being a foreign player for Bayern Munich means that you would most likely have to leave your family behind unless the player moves into a house near the club facilities. That is exactly what Harry Kane will be doing: he will move to Grünwald while his family stays in England:

Harry Kane’s wife Kate and their four children will stay at their Hertfordshire mansion while the striker moves to Grünwald, an upscale suburb of Munich. The couple are believed to have access to a private jet, making the journey from Germany back to the UK easier

A family friend told @MailOnline: Things might change, but for the time being, with the new baby, and school a consideration for the older child, Kate has decided to remain in this country (England).

– Mail Sport as captured by Twitter account @iMiaSanMia

Having to move schools and homes as a child is difficult, more so when it’s to a different country, so it is only right that Kate and the children will continue life in England. It remains to be seen if they do join Harry in Munich.


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