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Is Maple Leafs Mitch Marner As Valuable As He Once Was?

Although there’s a lots of discuss trading Mitch Marner, the one concern that appears rarely asked is whether the Toronto Maple Leafs forward still holds worth as one of the leading wingers in the league in spite of his underwhelming playoff efficiencies?

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Marner Is Good, But He Isn’t Matthews

First, I need to confess I am an unabashed Marner fan. But I concur he is not on the very same level as Auston Matthews. Matthews is a generational gamer and perhaps the very best objective scorer in the Maple Leafs’ history. Marner is far from that. I likewise concur that he is paid too much, in my evaluation, by about a million to a million and a half dollars. The 4th thing I concur with is that Marner has actually underperformed in the playoffs. 

Mitch Marner injury upgrade Maple Leafs

But Marner is not alone because element. I don’t understand of a gamer in the Maple Leafs Core Five who has actually regularly carried out well in the postseason. Everyone has actually had specific video games in which they have actually shined and a series where they have actually played well, however I don’t feel you can think about any of them to be playoff entertainers. 

Looking at Marner’s Numbers During the Postseason

As much as Marner underperformed in the playoffs, he is still the just active gamer on the Maple Leafs lineup to score 50 points in his combined postseason video games. Here’s a take a look at his data, in addition to the other members of the group’s Core Five.

Player Games Played Goals Assists Points
Mitch Marner 57 11 39 50
Auston Matthews 55 23 25 48
William Nylander 54 20 23 43
Morgan Rielly 57 11 29 40
John Tavares 38 12 12 24

On the Maple Leafs’ all-time scoring list, Marner is 12th, Matthews is 14th, Nylander is 17th, Rielly is 20th, and Tavares is connected for 38th. 

If we break down the Maple Leafs all-time list into points per video game played, we discover the following:

Player Games Played Points Points Per Game
Doug Gilmour 52 77 1.48
Darryl Sittler 64 65 1.02
Mats Sundin 77 70 0.90
Mitch Marner 57 50 0.88
Auston Matthews 55 48 0.87
William Nylander 54 43 0.80
Gary Roberts 50 40 0.80
Wendel Clark 79 61 0.77
Ted Kennedy 78 60 0.77
Syl Apps 69 53 0.77

Note: This info from

Marner ranks 4th in the Maple Leafs’ history in points per video game played, followed by Matthews in 5th and Nylander in 6th. He has actually done all of that while “underperforming.” 

Production-Wise, Marner Had a Poor 2024 Playoffs

I concur that Marner had an unpleasant 2024 playoffs production-wise. He scored simply one objective and included 2 helps for 3 points in 7 video games. Could he have been hurt?

Marner doesn’t have a lots of straight-line speed as a skater. He masters his edges, altering instructions, deking out opposing gamers, and producing area with his hands. In the Boston series, he appeared like he was doing whatever in sluggish movement. I couldn’t assist however question if the high ankle sprain he suffered late in the season had anything to do with that.

However, he might still use his greatest strengths: his hands and determine passing. He established a number of scoring possibilities, however these possibilities did not lead to objectives. This was not a great playoff for him production-wise. There is a likelihood he was not 100% for the postseason. He was not inquired about that, and I will get to it.

In the 2023 playoffs, Marner led the Maple Leafs in points with 14 in 11 video games. He had 11 points in the first-round win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. All of the above programs that Marner has actually carried out in the playoffs. He is 27 years of ages and has lots of prime years left. I see no factor to anticipate him not to carry out in the playoffs in the future.

The Bottom Line: Marner Will Be Seen by Other Teams as Having Huge Value

All the talk of the Maple Leafs losing on any Marner trade may be inaccurate. Given his success in the routine season (constantly around 100 points, with the capacity for more), it would appear most likely that other groups would want to gamble on him.

If Marner would want to move, the Maple Leafs may bring a large return for him.

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