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Karine Silva details how near-death experience led to MMA career: ‘Becoming a fighter was an accident’

Karine Silva is taking rather the profession in mixed martial arts as she continues to rise the UFC flyweight ranks.

UFC Vegas 91 saw the rising Brazilian get a unanimous choice win over Ariane da Silva (previously Lipski) 3 weekends back (April 27, 2024). It’s been 5 years given that Silva’s last loss and her latest success extended her present winning streak to 9 (4 in UFC, 18-4 record). Most remarkably, it was Silva’s very first time getting her hand raised by choice (9 KO/TKO and 8 submission wins).

As effective as Silva has actually remained in mixed martial arts, it was never ever something she prepared for or preferred 11 years back.

“Becoming a fighter comes from an accident that happened in my life where I almost died,” Silva informed mixed martial arts Mania. “That accident threw me in a whole different direction where I became a fighter and life said, ‘Here you go. This is yours to take and go for it.’ I really can’t imagine what I’d be if I wasn’t a fighter.”

Silva, 30, battles out of Curitiba, Brazil, and has actually had almost her whole profession occur in her home nation till she got her Dana White’s Contender Series chance in October 2021. A second-round guillotine choke over Qihui Yan sufficed to protect Silva a UFC agreement and it’s been all systems go as she inhabits the No. 12 ranking at 125 pounds.

Before Silva was serving knuckle sandwiches, she dispensed tasty deals with. One day, that all altered in the blink of an eye.

“I used to work in an ice cream shop before all this happened,” Silva stated. “Possibly, I would still exist however actually I cannot envision myself being anything else however a fighter.

“I was getting promoted so I was moving closer to the shop,” she discussed. “On the day of the move, I was crossing the street with my bike and a motorcycle came at full speed and hit right on me. It was a horrible accident. The driver of the motorcycle actually passed away and I was completely broken. That completely changed the course of my life.”

As rough of a mishap as it was, Silva joked that she liked the ice cream store and all the tastes inside, for that reason, an ultimate see to the fitness center would have most likely been required at some time. However, the forced healing caused some required weight shedding, and ultimately, doors naturally opened from there.

“From the accident, obviously, I was in bed for a long time,” Silva stated. “That made me return with my moms and dads and when you return with your moms and dads, you put on weight. That weight gain, when I had the ability to move once again, I resembled, ‘Oh, let me find a gym.’ It so occurred that at that fitness center it had Chinese boxing (Sanda) in it. So, lots of people believe that I originate from jiu-jitsu however I really originate from Chinese boxing and I began training.

“Within a month, I was competing. A little bit later, my coach said, ‘Oh, there’s an MMA event coming up, do you want to fight?’ I’m very competitive so I said yes, let’s fight. That was the beginning of everything.”

Unfortunately for Silva, her success wasn’t instant as she dropped her launching battle before rattling off 5 knockouts in a row. She’s battled throughout strawweight approximately bantamweight till she eventually discovered the sweet area right in the middle at flyweight.

The flyweight department is probably much better than ever worldwide and the very best among the females at present. Ideally, Silva desires what all fighters imagine: To be a world champ. For her next agenda, the skilled finisher eyes a Top 10 to Top 7 ranked challenger that will lead her one action better to the supreme objective.

“I have to take it one step at a time and I understand that,” Silva stated. “Obviously, it’s not depending upon me, it’s depending upon the company. The top of the rankings in the department is actually clustered today. I understand some things will get dealt with quickly. So, certainly, I’m constantly imagining arriving.

“I’m thinking two or three fights, but it’s not dependent on me. I will keep moving forward and my steps are gonna be solid on that journey to the belt.”


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