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Kevin Durant makes Speed happy by answering Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo debate with Logan Paul

Kevin Durant makes Speed happy by answering Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo debate with Logan Paul

NBA legend Kevin Durant has actually simply settled the Messi-Ronaldo argument.

And he has definitely thrilled YouTuber and rap artist IShowSpeed with his response.

Durant is a double NBA champion and has twice been named the NBA Finals MVP


Durant is a double NBA champ and has actually two times been called the NBA Finals MVPCredit: Getty

Durant is presently impressing audiences playing basketball for Phoenix Suns over in the U.S.A..

The three-time Olympic gold medalist is extensively thought about among the very best NBA gamers of perpetuity.

And on the current episode of the Impaulsive podcast hosted by YouTuber and wrestler Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, Durant began along with IShowSpeed to go over a series of subjects.

And the discussion even moved to football, as Durant was asked to settle a really crucial concern undoubtedly.

“Do you follow football, also known in America as soccer?” Majlak asked the 35-year-old.

“Sometimes,” responded Durant.

“Who would you say is the GOAT of football?” was Majlak’s follow-up concern.

Durant stopped briefly for a 2nd, taking a minute to believe before providing his response.

Paul's podcast has become extremely popular since launching in 2018


Paul’s podcast has actually ended up being exceptionally popular given that releasing in 2018
Paul and Majlak were curious about Durant's football knowledge


Paul and Majlak wondered about Durant’s football understanding
The NBA legend thought about the question for a few moments, leaving everyone in suspense


The NBA legend thought of the concern for a couple of minutes, leaving everybody in thriller
In the end, Durant had few words on the matter - but he did name Ronaldo as his GOAT


In completion, Durant had couple of words on the matter – however he did name Ronaldo as his GOAT
And that was exactly the answer that Speed was hoping for


And that was precisely the response that Speed was wishing for

“Ronaldo,” he stated.

Durant’s response reveals that video game plainly identifies video game, with worldwide legend Cristiano Ronaldo likewise having actually acquired the distinctions, consisting of holding the record for the most objectives scored at the Euros.

Kevin Durant provides humorous action when asked by Logan Paul if he would battle bro Jake Paul

But Durant’s reply triggered whooping and thrilled event from Speed, who was plainly grateful to see the Lionel Messi-Ronaldo argument settled.

“Come on!” Speed cheered. “See he knows bro. He knows.”

But Durant wondered about Speed’s severe response to his response.

“Why do you love Ronaldo so much?” he questioned.

Speed responded: “Because he inspired me to become great when I was around 16, 17.”

Speed went on to explain the minute when he had actually satisfied the Portuguese legend, who he credited as his good example.

He kept in mind: “Yeah, it didn’t seem real.”

“That is the best moment of my life,” he included. “That moment right there when I met Ronaldo.”


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