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Kyle Kuzma Takes Shot at Nike for Glut of NBA Alternate Jerseys

Each NBA season, the league floods the marketplace with alternate jerseys, wanting to take advantage of fans’ fond memories for a group’s old appearance or an effective period of the past. In current seasons, NBA groups have actually broken out of routine color pattern and styles with “City Edition“ jerseys from Nike that often feature bold creativity. 

However, Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma thinks it’s all a bit too much. Teams have so many alternate jerseys now that players seem to be sporting a different look in nearly every game. 

Responding to a post on X (formerly Twitter) showing the Clippers’ City Edition jerseys for the 2023-24 season, Kuzma declared that something is getting lost with the constant variations in uniforms. 

“Nike is ruining the nostalgia of jerseys,” composed Kuzma. “Every year, it’s a new jersey and what gets lost is brand identity.” 

Kuzma has a point when taking a look at the history of the NBA. Teams such as the LakersCelticsKnicks and Bulls have traditional appearances that have actually covered several ages and represent an identity. It implies something that Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant used basically the exact same uniforms throughout various champion ages.

Of course, what Kuzma seems missing out on is that alternate jerseys are everything about marketing and clothing purchases. With the City Edition uniforms, there’s a brand-new set every year. Some look much better than others. A couple of are downright uninviting in an effort to stay up to date with present patterns. 

Maybe that’s where Kuzma is choosing this. Several of these appearances are non reusable. Few will have a long lasting effect.

But that likely won’t keep Nike and the NBA from continuing to present makeovers.


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