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Liv Morgan Is Ready For Revenge At eLIVination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event is less than 2 weeks away. This year, the occasion will be occurring for the very first time in Perth, Australia at the OPTUS Arena. There 2 matches that will be occurring inside the sneaky steel structure. One is to figure out the primary competitor for the WWE Men’s World Heavyweight Championship. The other is to figure out the Number One Contender for the WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Championship.

Both winners of the Chamber will make their particular title chance ats WrestleMania 40. One of the stars that certified to the Women’s Chamber match is Liv Morgan.

The previous WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion made a surprise return at the 2024 Royal Rumble. She was the last entrant in the Women’s Rumble match. While she stopped working to win the match, her wish to complete at WrestleMania are still alive. Last night on Monday Night Raw, Liv Morgan beat Zoey Stark to get approved for the Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Following her success, Morgan was talked to by Jackie Redmond. During the interview, Morgan pointed out that she is one action more detailed to finishing her Revenge Tour. She likewise applauded Zoey Stark for setting up a hard battle.

“Yeah (one step closer in the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour)! Speaking of revenge, as badly I want revenge, Zoey did not make that easy for me. So I just want to let Zoey know it was nothing personal, it was just business. I like to call Elimination Chamber, eLIVination Chamber. I think, quite frankly, I have the most experience out of any other female in WWE. So I feel, really really really really really really really, good about my odds. Liv Morgan Revenge Tour. On to the next one. Watch Me,” Liv Morgan stated. 

Can Morgan win the Elimination Chamber?


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