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Making the Case: Why Alyssa Naeher is the Best Keeper in USWNT History

Alyssa Naeher is having her minute, there’s no rejecting that. It’s clear that the USWNT has actually seen lots of strong keepers in the past. Briana Scurry from the 90s and Hope Solo from the 2000s and 2010s are outright legends, however Naeher’s trajectory has actually her rising above even them. Naeher has constantly been strong on the line, however recently, her video game has actually handled a brand-new life. 


Penalty Shootout Abilities

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It’s simple to make the video game everything about objective scoring, and while Scurry and Solo made it about objective conserving, Naeher is handling to do both. In the last 2 significant competitions, Naeher has actually carried out remarkably in the web throughout PKs–the most high-pressure circumstance for a keeper–and transformed points of her own.

We will always remember that heartbreaker of a Swedish kick-off in the 2023 World Cup or her amazing efficiency in the 2020 Olympics. She has actually met a few of the very best goal-scorers the world has actually ever seen and shut them down.



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If we look simply at honors and score sheets, you may discover that Scurry and Solo are still above Naeher, however there’s one essential thing to think about: time. Scurry remained in the web from 1994 up until 2008 when Solo used up the mantle. Both keepers made their own Olympic and World Cup medals because time, however Naeher has actually just been the primary goalie for the U.S. given that 2016, after their Olympic loss.

Since then, Naeher has actually acquired tidy sheets, Golden Gloves, Best Keeper awards, and medals. And this isn’t even thinking about the reality that COVID totally interfered with a few of the most significant competitions worldwide. 


A New Kind of Keeper

It’s likewise crucial to consider the advancement of the video game given that Solo and Scurry. As we saw in this last World Cup, the remainder of the world is beginning to reach the USWNT’s program. The forwards are much faster and more powerful, the strategies are smarter, and the video game is simply at a greater speed than in the last 3 years.

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There’s a lot more need on keepers than there ever has actually been in the past and Naeher is the design for that type of keeper. She is wise and strong, she can check out the play from any point on the field, and she’s not scared to come off her line and get physical. Naeher is a relaxing force from the backline, level-headed however still effective. There’s nobody much better under pressure and nobody more relied on a crisis.

In the scope of a keeper’s profession, Naeher is simply beginning, and we remain in terrific hands. In Naeher, we rely on!






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