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Midnight Mania: ‘Platinum’ Accuses Paul Of Using Steroid ‘Cheat Code’

Midnight Mania: ‘Platinum’ Accuses Paul Of Using Steroid ‘Cheat Code’

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Mike Perry is set to box Jake Paul on July 20th, and he’ll deal with the biggest “Problem Child” anybody’s ever needed to deal with in the ring.

The 230 pound Paul was including on weight in preparation for a heavyweight battle versus Mike Tyson. That’s been postponed till November, and now “Platinum” will be the one handling all of Jake’s additional muscle when they complete at cruiserweight for 8 rounds.

In a brand-new interview with FightHub television, Perry was inquired about Paul’s size boost and whether he thought the YouTuber turned fighter was on the secret juice.

“When I sparred him a couple years ago, I was 180 and he was 195, maybe 205,” Perry responded. “I think he was about to fight Ben Askren [at 190], I don’t think he was really cutting weight at the time. And so to put on 25 pounds, I don’t know how someone does it without a cheat code.”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” he included. “I could just be saying that just to mess with him. He does look flubbery.”

Perry verified that there was no unique drug screening program in location for the bout.

“I haven’t been tested yet,” he stated. “I assume that the Florida Commission will test us all on fight week or they might test me a couple of times. Maybe after weigh ins or something like that, I’m sure that they will have a test on fight night when I go to walk in the fight.”

That’s normally the degree of the majority of commission’s drug screening and you need to be a genuine dope to get captured when you understand you’re getting checked on battle day.

Since “Platinum” doesn’t appear to care one bit, maybe we ought to leave speculation where it belongs: on body structure online forums or the More Plates More Dates discord.


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