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MJF asks The Rock to please leave him be

Like a great deal of individuals, when I saw this post from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on X/Twitter today (April 3), I didn’t believe much of it. It simply appeared like Rocky sharing a piece of well made fan art online, and utilizing it in his fight with Cody Rhodes in advance of WrestleMania XL.

But if the name Naomi Rosenblum sounds a bell for you, it’s since she utilized to date AEW’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman — and back in 2022 they made headings when he proposed and she stated “yes”.

As often takes place, things didn’t exercise for the couple. Their damaged engagement ended up being promotion product for MJF and his competitors, and life carried on. Until Rosenblum shared her WWE-inspired work, and Johnson provided to purchase it as a present for Cody’s mommy.

That triggered Friedman to publish on X for the very first time given that dropping the AEW belt to Samoa Joe at Worlds End last December.

In case his engagement isn’t the only thing you’ve forgotten… Max lashing Cody was the 3rd terms MJF made his previous coach accept before battling him throughout their 2020 fight in AEW.

During his hiatus, Friedman has actually supposedly been recovering up for the hurts he built up throughout his title run, and offering the concept he’s a totally free representative. Whenever and any place return, this reply to somebody sharing his message to “Dewey” might certainly be taken as an indication he’ll be going back to his non-people-pleasing methods when he does…

Even The Final Boss would have a difficult time getting that past Standards & Practices.


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