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NASCAR’s most popular driver Chase Elliott reveals his thoughts on getting married

Chase Elliott reveals his thoughts on getting married

Hendrick Motorsports No. 9 driver Chase Elliott said that he is in no rush to get married as he is not even 30.

NASCAR’s most popular driver is not against the idea of marriage but doesn’t feel that it is the right time for him to be married. Additionally, he said that he doesn’t want to rush this decision. Speaking to Kenny Wallace in the Trackside Live show, Elliott said:

“I’m not against it by any means. I also think, what’s the rush? I’m not against it, you find the right one and the timings right, why not?, I’m good with it. But I’m in no rush, I’m not even 30. What’s the rush?”

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Well, Elliott is just 27 years old. However, as one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR, in fact, the winner of the last five NASCAR’s most popular driver awards, many fans are curious about Elliott’s personal life. However, Elliott doesn’t make hs personal life public and only concentrates on racing in his public appearances.

Speaking of racing, Elliott is having a very rough season. He missed seven races due to injury and suspension and is yet to win a race this season. He also failed to make it to the playoffs, the first time in eight years.

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