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Real Madrid star to take legal action against sexual assault allegations

Spain and Real Madrid star Dani Carvajal has announced that he will take legal action against spurious claims about his character in recent days.

Carvajal replied on Twitter to an article from ‘The Objective‘, which in itself was referencing a now private YouTube video from Che America Latina. In the video Alex Pena, a former interpreter for the Spain squad in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, claims that the likes of David de Gea, Dani Carvajal and Nacho Monreal all went out during the World Cup looking for sex.

Pena goes on to say he once entered the room of some of the players, seeing bottles of alcohol and cigarettes strewn around the room. As the person supposedly charged with waking up the players, he claims that Sergio Busquets told him he was a ‘s*** alarm clock’, while Gerard Pique was completed self-absorbed with his own prestige. The only one ever on time, in Pena’s words, was Andres Iniesta, who was polite and formal.

Carvajal responded to these allegations, as noted by Marca, and seemingly other not referenced on Twitter.

“All the information reported in the press during these days referring to me is totally false. From my involvement in political parties to a sexual assault at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.”

“I find it absolutely lamentable and in addition delicate that the media has the right to write with impunity, giving credibility to the words of third parties, staining my name and honour. I have already taken legal action.”

Carvajal appears to be the only one who has so far taken legal action, at least publicly. He comes out of the story, along with de Gea and Monreal, with his character most in question. Pena’s story has yet to be substantiated by any other sources.

This of course comes in the aftermath of former RFEF Luis Rubiales allegedly sexually assaulting Spain forward Jenni Hermoso. Carvajal made headlines for saying that he would not condemn Rubiales until he was proven guilty.


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