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Report: Bayern Munich bosses wary of Thomas Tuchel’s behavior, incident with Joshua Kimmich, but are taking fresh start approach

According to a report from Bild journalists Christian Falk and Tobi Altschäffl (as captured by @iMiaSanMia), Thomas Tuchel’s antics might be causing some folks at Bayern Munich to raise an eyebrow.

However, the Bayern Munich officials, who might have been irked by some of Tuchel’s statements prior to the international break, opted to reboot the situation and are willing to start over with the coach. It was a clean slate for everyone:

A lot of discussions took place at Säbener Straße during the last international break. Although the season has just started, there were a lot of things to clarify. After the failed transfer deadline day and Tuchel’s statements about the squad, several topics were discussed and cleared up in order to have a ‘new start’ and avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

The relationship between Tuchel and the club’s bosses is not ‘love at first sight’. But after the latest discussions, all parties have agreed they want to try everything in the next weeks and months to work in a more harmonious way than they did in the past summer.

Thomas Tuchel was told in clear terms by the club’s bosses that he has to be less emotional and less negative in his public statements about the club in order not to undermine his own players. The bosses drew a comparison between Tuchel and Jupp Heynckes, who also took years to have the necessary calm and sovereignty for the job.

That scenario worked well for everyone…until Tuchel and Joshua Kimmich had their now infamous tête-à-tête upon Kimmich being subbed off against Bayern Leverkusen. That incident — allegedly — “raised discussions” once again at the club.

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Surely, not everyone is happy or on the same all the time at any club and it is easy to see why Bayern Munich club officials, Tuchel, and Kimmich are recreating that meme from The Office:

However, it is too early for fans to get worked up over a potential schism. The situation between all parties will need to settle and be re-examined in a few months. For now, taking down Manchester United is likely at the forefront of everyone’s focus right now.

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