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Shots fired: Thomas Tuchel on Steffen Baumgart’s opinion and Victor Boniface

Bayern Munich head coach Thomas Tuchel’s pre-game press conference for the opening fixture for Matchday 4 of the Bundesliga against Leverkusen didn’t fail to impress.

Earlier, FC Köln’s head coach, Steffen Baumgart was of the opinion that in Bayern’s place, he would signed Victor Boniface over Harry Kane.

When asked to comment, Thomas Tuchel responded in elite fashion, making it very clear that the two are very different players; and then had his own go at Baumgart.

He went on sarcastically, to say that had he known Baumgart was so concerned with Bayern’s business, the club could’ve expanded their transfer committee to nine people.

On the topic of Boniface, Tuchel shared his analysis, who — according to Tuchel — fits Leverkusen perfectly.

Tuchel briefly ideated about how he plans to stop Leverkusen and Boniface by cutting their counter attacking opportunities, targeting them physically and halting Boniface’s diagonal runs into the opposing box.

All focus is now on the upcoming home game against Leverkusen, which is definitely one to look out for.

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