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Survey: Have you given up on the Denver Broncos season already?

This might be the craziest survey I’ve ever run. It’s not the first time I’ve even asked this question either, but it is certainly the earliest I’ve ever run with it. The Denver Broncos have dropped two straight home games against soft opponents to open the 2023 season and will now go on the road to face a tough Miami Dolphins team. The possibility of an 0-3 start isn’t just possible, it’s likely.

Given how many people were reacting to the Broncos’ loss to the Washington Commanders on Sunday, I felt it might be good to see if that noise is the majority throwing in the towel on this season or a vocal minority sick of another slow start to a season. If you think Denver is destined to a 10-loss season in 2023, then you should probably be voting for the season being lost already. If you think there is a chance they can turn this around, then you should not be throwing in the towel just yet.

Let’s find out where people stand and I’ll share the results to both questions on Friday!

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