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Tawa’s Club Volleyball Dots: Column this week comes with a Qualifier

This is “Dots,” VolleyballMag’s weekly take a look at 10 things in club beach ball, previous or present, that interest me and ideally will intrigue you. Look for Dots every Tuesday through Junior Nationals this summer season.

• Last week was the busiest without a doubt of the qualifier season, with occasions in Chicago, Spokane, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

Let’s start in Chi-Town and the 17 Open department, won by home towners first Alliance 17 Gold with a 10-0 record.

first Alliance 17 Gold won 17 Open for the 3rd straight year at Windy City

“This accomplishment was truly a team win, with 17 Gold passing a 2.41 and attacking at a hitting efficiency of .343 as a team,” stated coach Danielle Mikos.

Addy Horner was a stimulate for first Alliance in Chicago/Zachary Schuster picture

A familiar quartet led the group on the weekend: OH Abby Vander Wal had 102 eliminates over 25 sets. Addy Horner contributed in numerous classifications, with 62 eliminates, 57 helps, 13 eliminates and a team-high 21 blocks. Aniya Warren built up 92 digs and, passing half the court, got serve at a 2.5 clip. And setter Hannah Kenny, the “heartbeat of the team,” took control of in huge matches and had 175 helps, 9 blocks, 10 aces, 43 digs and passed a 2.6.

After being required to 3 sets in 5 of its very first 9 matches, first Alliance swept previously-qualified Circle City 17 Purple in the last, winning 25-6, 25-20.

“The championship match against Circle City was one of the best I have coached in a while,” Mikos stated. “In set 2, both teams were aggressive but also low error. Rallies lasted for what seemed like minutes. After each team alternating scoring, you could look at both sides and see the girls trying to regain their energy to compete for the next rally. We really battled and made each other earn our points.”

This marked the 3rd straight year that a first Alliance 17 Gold group won Windy City.


MAVS KC got it performed in Chicago in 17 Open

MAVS KC 17-1 and Nebraska ONE 17 Synergy connected for 3rd to take home the other 2 17 Open quotes.

Logan Parks and Maddie Mitchell made the All-Tournament Team for MAVS

“Both were both integral to giving our offense key opportunities to score,” stated coach Kelley Kelley. “Maegan Mills also helped us close out Day 3 in several key moments from the pin.”

Nebraska ONE made it take place at 17 Open at Windy City

Nebraska ONE was among the 5 groups to take a triggered of first Alliance. That set win was vital, since it permitted the group to advance to the Gold swimming pools.In Gold, the group went 2-1 to clinch a quote, edging gifted teams Tribe 17 Elite Cardinal and Legacy 17-1 Adidas, each in 3 sets.

Standouts for the weekend consisted of libero Keri Leimbach, setter Malorie Boesiger and OH Mattie Dalton. The group likewise got strong play from OH Anna Jelinek, middles
Lexi Hasselbalch, Natalie Wardlow and Kiera Link, DS Harper Gabel and RS Abbie Hagedorn.

“These girls continue to impress me all the time,” stated coach Christina Boesiger. “They are so determined, competitive, and execute our game plan really really well. The belief they have and how they play together is pretty amazing. They are always up for a challenge. It was a total team effort this weekend. We only have 9 players and all of them played a huge role in our success this weekend. Every player made big plays at just the right time.”

• Austin Skyline 16 Royal made its quote and the 16 Open title at Windy City by winning its last 2 matches on Saturday in do-or-die circumstances, then lasting longer than Legacy 16-1 Adidas in what was efficiently a semifinal and two-time qualifier champ Mintonette m. 61 in the champion match. I haven’t yet spoken with the coaches at Austin Skyline, however this is a packed group with the sort of firepower to make a run all the method to a championship game.


Legacy and Tribe both likewise certified. Legacy is the ruling Triple Crown champ and another 16 Open championship game preferred with Meredith Martin digging and Eva Long setting.

The crucial to Tribe’s credentials was going 6-0 in three-set matches. Mia Gold had 15 eliminates and Gigi Artiles included 11 aces in a three-set Saturday win over Academy Volleyball Cleveland 17 Red. Artiles likewise was big in Game 3 of a win over HP STL 16 Royal.

Setter Riley McCaughey ran a smooth offense had some crucial defensive bets Tribe, athletic, small MB Brenna Hasey flaunted her well-rounded video game and protectors Vittoria Belfort and Kaylee Maikranz took turns making huge digs and fantastic hustle plays.

TAV 15 Black Fifer is the 2nd TAV 15s group to certify in Open

• In 15 Open, TAV’s 2nd Black group, TAV 15 Black Fifer went 9-1 to take top place. The group lost on Day 1 to Premier Nebraska 15 Gold, which likewise certified; however acquired vengeance in the champion match.

“It was a great tournament all the way around for our team and we were able to gain some good wins against some really talented teams,” stated TAV coach Kaylee Fifer. “Each day they were faced with some form of adversity and were able to overcome each circumstance with grit and determination.”

Notable standouts consist of exteriors Alyssa Todd (94 eliminates; striking .317) and Landri Trice (75 eliminates). The defense began at the internet with middle Londyn Pope having 18 overall blocks and continued into the back court, where libero Callie Gardner had 66 digs.

“It was a full team effort by all of the girls and they had each other’s back through each match!” Fifer stated.

HP STL 15 Royal ended up 3rd to capture the last quote.

• At Big South in Atlanta, OT 17 T Aaron won its 2nd straight 17 Open qualifier by going 10-0 without dropping a set.

“We had some great practices after winning MEQ, but I wasn’t sure how we would respond after getting the bid in Indy,” coach Aaron Harrison stated. “I told the girls we would have a target on our back all weekend at Big South since we had previously qualified, and we were coming in as the 1 seed and the rest of the field would be fighting for their bid to Nationals.”

The group had strong wins over Triangle 17 Black (huge and right-side dominant), Game Point and OT 17 O Felix throughout its run.

Lily Hayes, Zara Stewart, Hannah Hankerson and Maggie Dostic all succeeded in managing the very first contact. Middles Connore Siler-Nixon and Kaylee Peper both had fantastic weekends.

“They were transitioning with great speed and intention all weekend and were able to beat the block and find open seems,” Harrison stated. “[Setter] Izzy Mogridge continues to get better every tournament. She is running a great offense right now and provides great leadership on the court.”

“This is truly one of the best teams I have coached as everyone has bought into the ‘team’ and being the hardest working team on the court,” Harrison concluded.


OT O 17 Felix, Triangle and CUVC 17 Open snagged the 3 quotes.

Triangle conquered health problem to certify in 17 Open at Big South

Triangle lost just to promote OT Aaron and fought health problem to make its quote. RS Lindley Miller, a 6-4 sophomore playing on the right; was crucial to the certifying effort, as were middles Talia Francom and Gabby Nichols, libero Addie Canady and setter BreAnna McMillan.

CUVC had actually put 4th at MEQ, which was one area out of quote position. The North Carolina group changed its lineup to enhance obstructing and much better balance the offense and it worked.

CUVC came so near certifying in 17 Open at MEQ however sealed the deal this weekend at Big South

“We had over 45 total blocks in 9 matches, and hit nearly .300 on the weekend, a huge improvement over MEQ,” coach John Brannon stated.

Setter Ari Lopez did an actually great task dispersing and benefiting from matches and MB Caroline Noonan, who is uncommitted; hit over .400 on the weekend.

“In addition, we were pretty effective from the service line, and our passing, which has been good all year, was over a 2.1 on the weekend,” Brannon observed. “We played great most of the weekend, and just ran out of gas in our rematch against a very good OT Felix team in the semifinals. We had just five hitters all weekend, so to have the success we did offensively was a tribute to the girls’ hard work!”

• In 16 Open, North Carolina Academy 16 Diamond won the Sunday Gold bracket over NKYVC and Winter Park to catch top place. The win over WPVC avenged an earlier loss in the competition.

Setter Genevieve Harris, among the elite setters nationally in the 2026 class, blazed a trail for Academy. balancing 12 helps per set. Southpaw Taylor Bruce on the right likewise was a beat and struck .462. OH Natalie Langston led the group with 77 eliminates, striking practically .400 herself. MB Ava Wilkerson was an obstructing maker and contributed 44 eliminates on the offending end.


NKYVC and Winter Park likewise certified.

Winter Park’s only loss pertained to Academy in the Gold bracket.

WPVC won matches 18-16 and 21-19 in the 3rd each of the very first 2 days and likewise won 2 deuce sets versus Academy.

WPVC played as a group to certify in 17 Open at Big South, the very first Winter Park group ever to do so

“We carried those key moments into Day 3 and rolled through our first two matches, giving us our first opportunity to earn a bid in the semi-final with a rematch versus Academy,” kept in mind coach Matt Jackson. “We fell short in that match in the third set by a score of 15-12 and then were faced with our final opportunity in the third-place match and ended up successful in three sets by a score of 15-9. This victory secured the Open bid for us as a team and also is the first earned Open bid by any WPVC girls’ team in our 13-year history. It was a historic moment for our team and club at Big South and the girls were so thrilled to have cemented themselves in WPVC history.”

Jackson stated certifying was a synergy.

“As their coach, I could not have been more pleased with all of them over the weekend,” he stated. “One of our group’s core worths is ‘teamness,’ which I think is among the important things that sets this group apart from the remainder of the competitors on the playing field.

Setter Elle Mottola, the group’s captain and “fearless leader,” was especially wonderful, as were pins Amelia Mancino and Isa Umpierre.

• In 15 Open, OT 15 T Randy won all of it and certified together with Excel 15 National Red and AZ Sky 15 Gold.

AZ Sky 15 Gold discovered the formula to certify at Big South

OT can be found in seeded initially however required to fight on Day 3 to keep its seed and dominate. The group made the semifinals after hard Gold Pool wins and protected its quote since formerly -certified A5 15 Kelly was locked into a leading 4 position.

“I talked to the girls before our semifinal match about getting back in the right mindset,” coach Randy Thomas stated. “Just because we locked in the bid doesn’t mean we are done. We came here to win the tournament and that’s what we are going to do.”

OT T 15 Randy won 15 Open at Big South

OT lost Game 1 of the semifinals to Sky however fought back behind Candice Holloway and Sophie Puleo. Sam KarjalaGeorgia Underwood and Maya Gray did actually well obstructing and slowing the ball down.

The last versus Excel saw OT up 23-19 in the 2nd set with a possibility to liquidate the sweep, however Excel rallied to require a 3rd set and led 13-11 before Puleo went on a serving run that kept OT in the match in a set the group eventually won, 18-16.

Setter Sophia Dostic had an excellent setting weekend,” Thomas included. “She did a great job moving the ball around to the right hitters at the right time. Millie Snyder helped close out our championship match with two great kills.”


Sky made its quote by going 7-2, with losses just to the 2 groups ending up in front of it.

“We played really good volleyball this weekend,” stated coach Jen Lenhart. “We worked on being low error and recycling the ball a lot offensively until we had our opportunity to make a big play. Our libero, Aubrey Burns, was an incredible defender and brought calm confidence to her teammates. Cassidy Armstrong, our setter, ran a really solid offense, giving us a lot of one-on-one situations and played incredible defense. Bailey Lambert. our starting middle. played the best she has all season, hitting well above .600 on the tournament and put up a quality block. Lastly, Berkley France, our floor captain, remained steady all weekend. She passed dimes, recycled the ball, and took her shots when she had them. She led the team efficiently. All players from the team contributed at big moments and they continued to fight each point.”

• In 17 Open at PNQ in Spokane, Colorado Juniors 17Kevin took the title. The group, which won Junior Nationals in the 16 National Division a year back, made its very first Open quote.

Colorado Juniors controlled PNQ at 17 Open to certify in Open for the very first time ever

“They have worked extremely hard this season with the goal of making sure they play in the Open division in Las Vegas,” kept in mind coach Kevin Marquis.

The group played its finest beach ball at the end, with sweeps in its last 3 matches. Setter Chloe Elarton, middles Erika Sayer and Avery Gibbs and pins Bridget Malone and Anna Blamires were standouts.


NORCO 17 Black and, I think, Madfrog 17’s National Green likewise certified.

• Mizuno Long Beach 16 Rockstar and Mizuno Long Beach 15 Rockstar both lost two times however emerged with the Gold Ball in 16 Open and 15 Open, respectively.

This was 16 Rockstar’s first-ever qualifier win and it came by a packed Vision 16 Gold group, which likewise certified.

Setters Reese Stringer and Ellie Chu ran a fantastic offense for Long Beach, which struck .300. Defense by Tiani Shaw and Ahnika Smith likewise was exceptional.

Long Beach had actually lost to Vision in 3 on Day 2 however made the sweep for the title one day later on.

TAV 18 Black won once again behind a strong core of underclassmen

• Red Rock Rave in Las Vegas ended up Monday, with TAV 18 Black, WAVE 17 Juliana, SCVC 16 Roxy and AZ Revolution 15 Premier winning the Open departments.

TAV was an ideal 10-0 (20-0) in taking another 18 Open title.

“The girls are playing well and confident,” stated coach Carlos Ramos. “Suli Davis, Favor Anyanwu and Jadyn Livings played at a very high level, consistently. What Suli and Favor do as blockers is unreal and Jadyn’s physicality on offense helps us side out at a high percentage.”

Of the leading 8, 7 were formerly certified. Tstreet 18 Chandler, with Chloe Pravednikov and Jessie Bates, was the only group to certify, ending up T-7.


Quinn Loper and WAVE won 17 Open without losing a match.

Excel 17 National Red and Club V 17 Ren Reed likewise certified.

“It basically came down to beating Club V,” stated Excel coach Justin Waters. “We were still in contention after Day 1 and 2 and knew we just had to finish top 3 in the Gold Pool to guarantee a bid. Club V pulled off the upset against Coast so we knew we needed to beat them in two by a decent point differential to guarantee the 3 spot. Halle Jameson and Greer Chambless stepped up big on the outside and Janie Deapen had some huge kills and blocks on the right side. Piper Mickenheim and Sophia Noble had great serve receive and unbelievable defense to keep us in it.”

Club V protected the last quote by beating TX Performance.


SCVC conquered 2 losses to win 16 Open. The group won its last 5 matches, consisting of a familiar challenger, WAVE, in the champion match.

SCVC was strong in the serving and passing video game led by libero Kayltn Herweg, exteriors Audrey Flanagan, Sammy Destler, and DS Jordan Shelor.

In the champion last, middles Taylor Boice and Maya Stillwell were effective, and setter Milly McGee and ideal side Abby Zimmerman were on point in the sweep.


There were just 15 groups in 15 Open. Revolution won regardless of 3 losses. It won by set portion tiebreaker over WAVE 15 Brennan and Tstreet 15 Asics.

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