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The Mistreatment of the Argentina Women’s National Team

The Mistreatment of the Argentina Women’s National Team

For numerous years, we have actually seen the impressive development of ladies’s soccer. African gamers are making a considerable effect in the NWSL, and with Brazil set to host the next Women’s World Cup, the sport is plainly ending up being more international, producing paths for advancement worldwide. However, numerous female gamers are still having a hard time to get equivalent pay and play in excellent conditions. the Argentina ladies’s team is the current suffering in this absence of equality.

Despite all the development ladies’s soccer is experiencing, Argentina ladies’s soccer gamers have actually been going through numerous fights. When we take a look at the history of the Argentine Football Association’s (AFA) treatment of their female gamers, it ends up being clear that something requires to alter.

For years, Argentinian ladies’s soccer gamers have actually struggled with organized sexism, harassment, and absence of equivalent pay; the list keeps going on. The most current advancement was when 4 gamers gave up Argentina’s ladies’s soccer group due to bad conditions.


What Exactly Happened

During the last camp for the Argentina ladies’s group, the gamers were preparing to deal with Costa Rica in 2 friendlies. However, 4 gamers chose to stop the group over absence of pay and the bad conditions of the camp. Goalkeeper Laurina Oliveros, protectors Julieta Cruz and Eliana Stábile, and midfielder Lorena Benítez were the 4 gamers who chose to stop. They are routine beginners for the nationwide group which reveals that they needed to sustain these conditions for a long period of time.

In a post shared by Cruz on her Instagram she specified, “We reached a point in which we are tired of the injustices, of not being valued, not being heard and, even worse, being humiliated. We need improvements for Argentina’s women’s soccer national team, and I am not only talking about finances. I speak about training, having lunch, breakfast.”

The conditions Argentinian ladies gamers need to deal with consist of not having an appropriate breakfast. Cruz and Benítez likewise shared that throughout their training sessions, the breakfast supplied was just a ham and cheese sandwich and a banana.


No Pay For Argentina’s Women’s Squad

Cruz and Benítez mentioned that the Argentine Football Association made it clear that they won’t pay them for the 2 friendlies versus Costa Rica. The factor? The 2 video games remained in Buenos Aires, and given that they were at home, the AFA chose not to pay their gamers.

To make matters worse, Benítez likewise included that even her member of the family needed to spend for tickets. The gamer specified that her household was being charged 5,000 pesos (around $5) for match tickets; a match that the gamers themselves aren’t being spent for. It didn’t begin throughout this camp, however has actually been going on for several years. Benítez meant their constant battle by composing, “And there there are millions of things we have gone through.”


The Reaction of the Rest of Argentina Women’s Squad

After the news broke, Estefanía Banini revealed assistance for her previous colleagues for speaking out. “A matter of time. Thanks for being willing to speak about it,” she shared through her social networks. Banini, among the very best gamers in the history of the Argentina ladies’s group, recognizes with the conditions and mistreatment taking place in Argentina versus their female gamers. Last year, Banini herself chose to stop betting the nationwide group.

When it concerns gamers still part of Argentina’s ladies’s team, they comprehended their colleagues’ choice. Yet, the gamers wanted that they dealt with the matter internally. According to The Associated Press, striker Rocío Bueno discussed what occurred with press reporters after Argentina’s session. “We do not share the way (the four players left the squad), we all fight for the growth of women’s soccer. I support everything they ask for, but we had to be together and make a joint decision to show up or not show up.”


Will Anything Change?

Yamila Rodríguez and Bueno shared that team members later on met Argentinian soccer executives to voice their issues. The concern is, will the federation modification anything? The 4 gamers’ aggravation with the mistreatment of Argentina’s ladies’s team didn’t appear all of a sudden. This mistreatment has actually been there for years, and yet absolutely nothing has actually altered.

Argentina’s ladies’s soccer just ended up being expert in 2019 after the nationwide group gamers led a strike. Now, in 2024, gamers are going out due to the fact that absolutely nothing has actually altered in the pay or conditions. On the other hand, the Argentina guys’s soccer group doesn’t need to fret about just being supplied with a ham and cheese sandwich, their member of the family needing to pay to attend their matches, or not being spent for friendlies. The clear variation in treatment makes it clear why Cruz would state that the Argentina ladies’s team is “humiliated.”


Punishing Those Who Speak Up

In the 2019 Women’s World Cup, the ladies’s group had a medical group that consisted of just 2 individuals. In the last Women’s World Cup, the Argentinian medical group increased its numbers to 6 individuals. This minor enhancement doesn’t offset the constant mistreatment.

In 2019, when a few of the Argentinian gamers spoke versus the absence of resources supplied to them, the reaction was to penalize them. The gamers crucial of the conditions and the training techniques, consisting of Banini, were left out from the nationwide group’s lineup for the 2019 Pan American Games. The choice took place when Carlos Borrello was the coach of Argentina’s ladies’s soccer group. After the choice, the nationwide group didn’t call Banini for nearly 3 years up until the coach altered.


The Fight To Gain Professional Status

Another comparable scenario in which the Argentina ladies’s team wasn’t paid taken place in 2017. During that year, the gamers went on strike for numerous factors, consisting of overdue stipends, bad travel plans for the group, and bad training conditions. At that time, the gamers were defending pay, which had to do with $8.50 per training session.

The absence of equivalent pay wasn’t simply taking place on the nationwide group however likewise at the club level. In 2019, Macarena Sanchez sued her previous club group, UAI Urquiza, and the AFA due to the fact that they didn’t acknowledge her as an expert gamer. At that time, the group just supplied the gamers with 400 Argentinian pesos each month for travel.

For Sanchez, the inequality in pay and conditions in between males and females was clear. “It’s very frustrating. They have better salaries, better conditions and can live by being footballers. We, unfortunately, can’t. We have better results, more championships and we have even played international tournaments but we are seen as inferior just for being women,” Sánchez stated to the Guardian when speaking about the guys’s group at UAI Urquiza.


Nothing Really Changed For Argentina’s Women’s Squad

“The clubs and the Argentinian Football Federation do not recognize us as workers and deny us basic rights such as a salary, something that men do receive for playing football, and other basic things and tools that any high performance athlete needs: places to train, shoes, medical coverage and clothing, to name a few,” Sánchez likewise included.

This interview with The Guardian happened in 2019. We are now in 2024, and Sánchez’s words feel nearly similar to the present scenario. For the length of time and the number of times will Argentinian female soccer gamers combat to acquire their rights as expert athletes? Even when the AFA offered expert status that year, it just offered it to the leading department of ladies’s football in Argentina.

In 2023, Argentinian gamers, amongst numerous others, hoped that FIFA would provide the $30,000 assured for each gamer taking part in the Women’s World Cup 2023. But even FIFA didn’t keep its pledge to offer much better spend for ladies’s gamers. So, how can female gamers make it through when these federations continue to maltreat gamers?


Sexual Harassment Against Female Argentinian Players

In 2022, numerous ladies gamers in Argentina stepped forward with proof showing how a coach called Diego Guacci, worked with by the AFA, utilized his power to sexually bug and bully teenage ladies.

The gamers made a problem to the FIFA Ethics Committee, who ruled in favor of the coach. “After examining the allegations and evidence against him, the FIFA ethics panel, made up of three men, ruled that although the judges believed the players’ testimony, there was not enough evidence to punish their coach. The ruling meant that Guacci can continue to coach female football players,” as reported by DW.

According to FIFPRO, the gamers asked the Chief of Investigation from the Investigatory Chamber to submit an appeal for them. This is due to the fact that they don’t deserve to appeal. The Chief of Investigation was the only celebration then who might appeal the choice, and yet there was no appeal. The Ethics Committee specified that they couldn’t state that the occasions reported by the 5 gamers didn’t occur. However, the committee chose that 5 witness declarations were “insufficient.”

These 5 ladies gamers provided what FIFPRO refers to as “cogent and credible evidence” versus the coach. Yet, it wasn’t enough for the Committee. If FIFA won’t secure Argentinian ladies gamers, then who will? Who will provide their rights if AFA declines to?


Breaking the Cycle of Mistreatment

The 4 gamers who left the camp did not leave even if of a concern or 2. They left for numerous factors over several years. The Argentina ladies’s group and Argentinian gamers are maltreated consistently. From low or non-existent pay to unwanted sexual advances, the dark side of AFA is discouraging. It shows the long roadway still ahead for ladies’s soccer. A modification should happen due to the fact that Argentinian gamers should have considerate treatment like any other gamers.

Women’s soccer is growing in numerous nations. However, to grow the video game as a whole we require to make sure that all nations are progressing. The skill in the Argentina Women’s Team is squandered due to the fact that the AFA isn’t satisfying gamers’ requirements. As Benítez composed, “We have been carrying a lot of things throughout all these years of representing our country, many colleagues have left for the same reasons, for feeling sadness and not joy every time it is time to be there.”

Soccer must have to do with happiness and defending your dreams in equivalent conditions. Yet, Argentinian ladies gamers are defending their rights versus a federation that works versus them instead of with them. Benítez composed that she fears that 10 years later on, her child will play soccer just to discover that absolutely nothing altered. We need to stop this cycle of mistreatment.





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