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Thiago Motta: “It’s a good moment for us. Xabi Alonso? I respect his decision to stay at Leverkusen”

Thiago Motta

Bologna coach Thiago Motta is enjoying their run of type and states he appreciates Xabi Alonso’s choice to apparently stay at Leverkusen. The Rossoblu saw off a having a hard time Salernitana side, winning the video game 3-0 with objectives from Riccardo Orsolini, Alexis Saelemaekers and Charalampos Lykogiannis. Speaking in the post-match, Motta reviewed a another win, their ninth in the last 8 video games, and dicsussed the unavoidable comparisions with Fabi Alonso:

“It’s definitely a good moment, great for everyone. We are pleased with the way we are playing, and I am proud and satisfied. I always embrace everyone because it’s a way of thanking these guys and the rest of our team. However, the most beautiful kiss is for my daughter, who wished me luck for the game this morning.”

Regarding the objectives scored by Orsolini and Saelemaekers, Motta highlighted not just their offending contributions however likewise the group’s protective efforts: “They scored two beautiful goals, but I would also like to emphasize the defensive phase of the entire team.”

When discussing his lineup options, Motta highlighted the significance of thinking about previous matches, training sessions, and group characteristics: “Previous matches, training sessions, and the way they play together all count. All of this helps in making a decision.”

Addressing the circumstance of Xabi Alonso, who is apparently remaining at Bayer Leverkusen, Motta revealed his regard for Alonso’s choice: “Xabi Alonso staying at Bayer Leverkusen? He believes it’s the best choice – I wish him the best of luck. He hasn’t lost a game this year. I respect the decision of a colleague.”

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