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Top 5 Goals: NWSL Matchday 19 and NCAA Soccer Week 5

The NWSL season is reaching a fever pitch with a few regular season games remaining. Plus, the NCAA season sees the start of conference play with some heavyweight matchups and conference realignment all in the fold. This week’s list is exclusively long-range rockets. If you enjoy seeing that type of goal, you’re in for a treat. Let’s look at the top five goals from the NWSL Matchday 19 and NCAA Soccer Week 5. 


5. Laura Zemberyova – Cincinnati Bearcats

Cincinnati made history as one of the teams involved in conference realignment. The Bearcats took a big step up from the American Athletic Conference to the Big 12. Laura Zemberyova would score Cincy’s first-ever Big 12 goal, and it was a beauty.

Kansas State gave Zemberyova all the time she needed to line up the shot and almost dared her to shoot it. Once the Slovakian International had the goal in her sights, she let it rip and found the top corner with a great strike. The Bearcats first ever Big 12 game was undoubtedly a success, thanks to Laura Zemberyova. 


4. Gianna Paul – Alabama Crimson Tide

Gianna Paul is taking the college game by storm as one of the premier players in the country. The striker is leading the Crimson Tide in goals by a wide margin with seven goals and a Top 10 ranking, coming in at No. 7.

Poor Mercer was at the mercy of Paul, who should have been closed down sooner. However, she’s a tough player for anyone to guard, let alone the Mercer defense trying to stop her. The sophomore put her foot through the ball, and it was destined for the upper 90.

If Gianna Paul is doing this well as a sophomore, imagine what she will do over the next two seasons with her potential. 

3. Amanda West – Pittsburgh Panthers

The Pitt Panthers have gotten off to a great start this season under head coach Randy Waldrum. One of Pitt’s most experienced players, Amanda West, helped the Panthers get off on the right foot in ACC play. This goal would end up sealing a 2-0 victory over NC State, and it’s one West will be sure to add to her highlight reel.

West picks up this ball with a defender right in her face, yet she stays calm and puts on a nice hesitation move before getting the ball onto her right foot. The confidence and technique West possesses to shoot from there is on full display. The keeper had no chance of stopping what was a rocket of a shot. Amanda West is a key cog in Pitt’s team, and they are sure to enter the Top 25 rankings within the next few weeks. 

2. Ellie Gilbert – Georgia Bulldogs

The Georgia Bulldogs entered the Top 25 after being unranked last week, and they are likely to move up in the rankings after handling San Francisco 5-0.

Ellie Gilbert scored the best goal of the game with this incredible long-range effort from somewhere between 25 to 30 yards. The closeout from the SF defenders didn’t come in time, and Gilbert was ready to let it fly. The technique is perfect, and the ball nestled nicely into the top corner. There is nothing the keeper could’ve done about it. 

1. Debinha – Kansas City Current

Debinha might be with a new team this season, but she’s still among the top five goal-scorers in the league. Even with the World Cup sandwiched in between, she’s playing at a high level for the Kansas City Current.

Most teams in the league have done well to close down Debinha to stop her from shooting from outside the box. The San Diego Wave is not one of those teams.

Debhina had ample time to run into the space and set up for the shot. The Brazilian is too good of a player to be left alone for that long, and she made San Diego pay for it. The celebration afterward made the goal even more enjoyable to watch.





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