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UFC legend Chuck Liddell asks fans key question about Jake Gyllenhaal vs Tom Hardy and all agree on outcome

UFC legend Chuck Liddell has actually proposed a battle in between Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy.

Gyllenhall starred in Amazon Prime’s remake of Hollywood traditional Road House together with UFC super star Conor McGregor, playing the function of a previous UFC fighter Elwood Dalton.

Gyllenhaal plays a UFC fighter and filmed some of his scenes during the weigh-in at UFC 285


Gyllenhaal plays a UFC fighter and shot a few of his scenes throughout the weigh-in at UFC 285Credit: Getty

Hardy played the function of an MMA fighter in 2011 movie Warrior called Tommy Conlon, who trained with his daddy met a separated bro.

The set play comparable functions so have actually naturally been thrust into a dream battle, with UFC legend Liddell publishing on Instagram: “Who you got?”

But fans appeared consentaneous in arrangement at the winner, with one writing: “Bro you can’t compare Tom Hardy to Gyllenhaal. Tom would wipe the floor with little Jake…”

Another concurred: “Tommy all day, Tom Hardy is also a genuine BJJ Purple belt.”

One composed: “Tom Hardy all day. I can’t take Gyllenhaal seriously as Dalton. I still see him as the bubble boy.”

A fan even explained the movie stories, composing: “S*** that’s hard man. Tommy Conlon ripped the door of a tank and Dalton succumbed to Knox in the first half of the movie. I will go Tommy!”

A fan even backed Hardy in a genuine battle, including: “Acting – Jake
Real fight – Tom.”

One was more in Gyllenhaal’s camp, concluding: “I mean Dalton Ellwood seems incapable of losing a fight AND he has the original Roadhouse film backing him.

Liddell ignited fan debate over the winner of a fantasy fight between the two actors


Liddell ignited fan debate over the winner of a fantasy fight between the two actors

“Watch the initial if you have not it’s gorgeous.”

Hardy has received the backing in the fight, likely due to his previous experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which he gained while filming on set at Warrior.

mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor states he wishes to go back to the UFC in June or July at best of his brand-new motion picture with Jake Gyllenhaal, Road House

The previous Peaky Blinders star has actually been winning martial arts competitions, having actually even made a purple belt for his accomplishments.

He shocked fans by getting 28lb of muscle, finding out to eliminate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while performing his function.

This saw him train with an entire host of popular battle sport deals with consisting of WWE legend Kurt Angle and ex-UFC KO artist Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson.

Gyllenhaal has actually made a roaring success with McGregor in Rad House, with the motion picture having actually broken the Amazon record as the most enjoyed movie in their history, with 50 million audiences.


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