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VIDEO; Footage shows how Real Madrid’s new-look retractable pitch works at the Bernabeu, it’s truly breathtaking-E360hubs

Footage shows how Real Madrid


Footage shows how Real Madrid's new-look retractable pitch works at the Bernabeu, it's truly breathtaking

Real Madrid have released a video demonstrating how their extraordinary new retractable pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu works.

The £1 billion renovation on the La Liga giants’ stadium started over two years ago, and the latest footage shows it has been well worth the wait.

Alongside the new pitch, the stadium has also installed a fully retractable roof and new terrace to help upgrade the club’s hospitality section.

Los Blancos have now released a video of how the retractable pitch will work and it is truly breathtaking. You can see how it works below.

With just a click of a button, each section of the pitch is sent underground and replaced by a concrete surface to be used for concerts or other sporting events.

And when it comes to match-day, the grass is moved back to ground level with each section of the pitch sliding back into position as as part of one slick operation.

Tottenham used similar technology when they moved into their new ground in 2019, which has seen the stadium host major sporting events such as NFL games and music concerts, including Beyonce earlier this year.

The events help bring in extra revenue to the club, with the Bernabeu also expected to attract some of the biggest names and events across the globe following its renovation. According to the Daily Mail, the stadium is likely to host basketball matches and trade shows in the near future.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville was quick to praise the spectacular redevelopment of the stadium, reposting the club’s video alongside the tweet: “That’s how to do it!”

Watch video below…

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