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Video: Sean O’Malley and Jake Paul get into shoving match during face off

Video: Sean O’Malley and Jake Paul get into shoving match during face off

There’s no opportunity Jake Paul and Sean O’Malley are going to battle each other in an approved bout, however that doesn’t indicate they can’t take on for influence.

Paul and O’Malley went back and forth on social networks just recently after news came out that UFC was rushing to discover replacement alternatives in case Conor McGregor can’t battle at UFC 303 on June 29th.

“I’ll fight Jake Paul to save UFC 303,” the UFC bantamweight champ tweeted.

“MMA fight before Tyson,” Paul responded. “100% will kill O’Malley in MMA. He’s a small man. PFL Vs UFC June 29th.”

The opportunities of UFC coordinating with PFL to place on a battle like this? Zero. The opportunities an athletic commission would accredit Paul, who combats around 200 pounds, in a bout versus the 135 pound O’Malley? Also no. But we think it’s enjoyable to envision, so “Suga” and “The Problem Child” took things one action even more by establishing a little face off.

In a brand-new video on Paul’s socials, Sean and Jake participated in a staredown with Houston rap artist Rubi Rose enjoying in the background for optimum influencer synergy.

“Mike Tyson will clean you up,” O’Malley stated.

“I’ll clean you up right now,” Paul countered before the 2 participated in a little push about.

Hopefully the UFC gets something figured out and revealed for UFC 303 due to the fact that things have actually formally left control in a really ridiculous method.


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