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WATCH: Robert Lewandowski left to train alone for 10 minutes by Barcelona squad

Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski might be the earliest in the team, however he has actually not lost any of his strength in training a minimum of.

On Wednesday early morning, Lewandowski emerged on the training pitch at 11:00am for training, and started to have fun with the ball, before then taking shots into among the employee, based on MD. Lewandowski continued to do so for an additional 10 minutes, before ultimately asking Xavi Hernandez and his training session, who remained in discussion some method away.

At 11:12am his coworkers ultimately emerged from the dressing spaces at the Ciutat Esportiva, and training began. The Catalan day-to-day state he was joking while pointing at a pretend watch to his supervisor.

Some have actually questioned whether Lewandowski still has the burning desire to lead the line for Barcelona next season, or maybe more pertinently, whether he is great worth for the greatest wage in the team. Certainly his mindset still appears to be there.


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