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Week 3 NFL power rankings: There are new AFC contenders

I can’t be the only person who believes that the start of this season has been just flat-out crazy, right?

Every year we hear about how championships aren’t won in September. Well, that’s never been more true than this season.

As a betting man, it has been a disaster to try and predict game winners, spreads or even the over/under. For example: the Chiefs’ matchup with the Jaguars. Who would have thought there would be 26 points total in that matchup?!

Go home, NFL. You’re drunk.

This week’s voters were Stephen Serda, Ron Kopp Jr., Rocky Magana, Jared Sapp, Maurice Elston, Matt Stagner, Price Carter, Nate Christensen, Dakota Watson and myself.

1. Dallas Cowboys (2nd)

I mean, can we really judge them when they faced Zach Wilson?

2. San Francisco 49ers (1st)

It must be nice having that extra home game in Los Angeles every year.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (3rd)

The ‘Tush Push’ is going to get banned.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (4th)

They’re a defensive team now.

5. Miami Dolphins (7th)

I cannot wait for Germany.

6. Baltimore Ravens (9th)

The Chiefs’ real rivals for this season.

7. Buffalo Bills (6th)

Josh Allen is still really good.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (5th)

But is Joe Burrow?

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (8th)

They remind me a lot of the Alex Smith-led Chiefs. Close… but no cigar.

10. Detroit Lions (12th)

I’m glad we can go back to cheering for this team.

11. Los Angeles Chargers (10th)

What’s your excuse this week?

12. Seattle Seahawks (17th)

Another wildly entertaining team.

13. New Orleans Saints (16th)

What a catch by Chris Olave!

14. Washington Commanders (22nd)

You show them, EB.

15. Los Angeles Rams (20th)

Don’t sleep on them.

16. Green Bay Packers (13th)

Jordan Love looked really good — until he didn’t.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (19th)

As a George Pickens fantasy owner: Please keep targeting him!

I’m interested to know what the ‘anti-first-round running back’ crowd thinks about the beginning of Bijan Robinson’s career.

19. Cleveland Browns (14th)

Losing Chubb is a killer.

20. Tennessee Titans (26th)

This team is so hard to work out.

21. Minnesota Vikings (15th)

Kirk Cousins for offensive player of the year?

22. New York Jets (12th)

Wilson ain’t it, guys.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27th)

They’re not going to trade Mike Evans while they’re winning games.

25. New England Patriots (18th)

The blocked field goal was a masterpiece. Only Belichick!

25. New York Giants (23rd)

A range of emotions for Giants fans so far this season.

26. Indianapolis Colts (29th)

Anthony Richardson looked great until an unfortunate concussion.

27. Las Vegas Raiders (24th)

Jimmy G averages 192 passing yards through the first two weeks of the season.

28. Denver Broncos (27th)


29. Carolina Panthers (28th)

Always a tough ask facing the Saints in the Superdome.

30. Arizona Cardinals (32nd)

Seriously? Like… seriously?!

31. Houston Texans (31st)

C.J. Stroud has looked OK — despite the losses.

32. Chicago Bears (30th)

The Chiefs are going to destroy them on Sunday.


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